In today’s world designing, decorating, crafting and other artistic works are greatly valued and appreciated. People want to have a personalized touch in about everything they own be it a birthday party or a brand or a new home, you name it. I don’t know where it came from but it's huge and a big deal.

In fact the world of crafting and decorating has become so vast and the spectrum is broad that you can easily sway away. But if you think big while keeping your feet grounded than vinyl cutting crafting niche is the best way to move forward. One of the most rapidly growing crafting techniques is even grabbing attention of the artistic people around the globe. The vinyl cutting has its teeth sunken so deepl;y into the market off late that a new startup is opening every single day!

If you are interested in the crafting method for your business or just to pursue as a hobby or even as a part time business opportunity then you need to know that vinyl crafting is not possible without vinyl cutting blades.

A vinyl cutting machine comes in different types of sizes, shapes and techniques but they all use some kind of blade to cut the material in a specific shape, size and style. To make it easy to understand, vinyl cutting machines are like a computerized machine that takes in the design and the cutter cuts the pattern in the design fed to the software.

Types of Vinyl Cutters

Vinyl cutters are also known as craft cutters, plotters and die-cutters. Although they are designed for cutting the most popular and flexible plastic ever made by man, these cutting machines are quite versatile and can be used to create crafts on 300+ materials like cardstock, tissue paper, simple paper, reflectives and many more.

There are basically two kinds of vinyl cutting machines- computerized and manual. The computerized version is obviously more sophisticated, gives more precise designs, flawless finish and the end result is also very good quality. You can think of the computerized vinyl cutting machines like printers but instead of the ink that brings the design to life, here vinyl cutting blades do the trick.

On the other hand, we also find a lot of manual vinyl cutting devices that use a hand crank to operate. This is obviously a much more simpler version and can only do less complicated designs. In order to craft a design with a manual cutter you need to use die-cuts or embossed folders to bring the design to life. There are many companies producing vinyl cutting machines but the vinyl tools is absolutely killing it with their quality and price point.

Uses of Vinyl Cutters

When it comes to vinyl cutting, the sky's the limit and the world is your oyster! Whether you are a small business man, a multinational company, a hobbyist or just curious about this new crafting method will have some role or the other in your life! In fact if you look around you may already be surrounded by vinyl crafts! You can make anything from these vinyl cutter blades like stickers and labels for your parties, kitchen jars, cupboards and so many more areas around the home, office or store.

You can also use them for home decor purposes, the vibrant prints and patterns can bring life to any boring, lifeless wall, room, floor or space. You can also make 3D objects with it.

You can give a beautiful personalized touch to your laptops, kitchen counters, smartphones, cars, rooms, cupboards and offices with vinyl crafts. Furthermore, you can use vinyl crafts to give your t-shirts, mugs, cushions, doors, key chains and so many things a unique touch. I love to have vinyl cards and invitations as they hold so much more value than a simple paper card invite and certainly very much more than a WhatsApp message.

Any decor business can take their production level to a 100 with vinyl cutting machines, whether you are a decal designer, a custom apparel brand, an event management agency, a car decor shop or a small craft fan, vinyl craft will not disappoint you.

Some Cool Facts about Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting may seem intimidating to you but it's nothing like that. Once you get hold of the machine all you need to do is to install the correct software and attach it to your computer, voila you are set to do some serious crafting! The vinyl cutter blades are super efficient and speedy but that doesn’t mean any compromise on quality.

These machines push out designs that are so versatile that it will blow your mind on how a simple looking blade is doing such drastically different work and the best part is that these blades come with a long lifeline!

Ending Lines

Now that you have a very good idea about the vinyl crafts and how to cut them, I think you are all set to purchase your first vinyl cutting machine. The best place is to buy from PerfectCut Vinyl!