Congratulations, now that you have finally taken the plunge and dived into the amazing world of vinyl crafting. Trust me, this is going to be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience as it will challenge you, motivate you, satisfy you and also bring immense joy and happiness when the end result is produced.

Although there are many kinds of vinyl, the most commonly known and most versatile vinyl is heat transfer vinyl (HTV). HTV is a very special kind of plastic that is super versatile and flexible. This can be used for a myriad of decorating and crafting purposes.

HTV is a very useful and resourceful material when it comes to giving personalized touches to any garment, utensil, invite, decor or logos. Along with the versatility and diversity it is also incredibly easy and childishly simple to use, which is why so many small businesses and startups are popping up using HTV as their prime source of customization and sign making tools.

All you need is a good quality vinyl cutter, a heating press, vinyl sheets and some creativity. Having said that, using HTV does need some skill set, patience and continuity, for sure. One of the most challenging aspects of HTV is weeding. If you haven’t had  a chance to deal with it yet, consider yourself very lucky and if you had an encounter then you know exactly what i am talking about, right?

What is Vinyl Weeding?

Vinyl weeding is basically the process where all the unwanted vinyl is removed from the final cut design. All the extra blobs of vinyl that are not letting the original design show on its full potential needs to be cut so that the final design looks delicate, intricate and sophisticated.

After all these extra spaces are cut out, the design transforms and becomes what we call vinyl crafting. But weeding is no easy feat, in fact if you ask me it is the only thing that holds me back from bringing half my creative design to life, as I know the tedious process that awaits me. With sharper blades and good quality vinyl tools, the process becomes a bit quicker but the challenge is there.

The best way to weed your vinyl design is by starting from the outer edges and working the way in. start with the largest pieces from the surroundings of the design and then go for the smaller, more intricate ones.

When removing the large pieces, be careful and don’t try to get it out all at once, try doing it in small sections to avoid tearing. Once you have carved out all the access vinyl from the original design, using your pointed vinyl tools to simply lift the weeded area.

But what if i was to tell you that, all the above mentioned procedures can be skipped and you can still get the same amazing result with good quality, durability, washability and sharpness, just like HTV. Well, it is possible only with Forever Flex Soft!

What is Forever Flex Soft?

Forever soft flex is a laser heat transfer paper. These are very similar to the HTV where you print out the design then use a heat press to transfer that design onto your t-shirt or other surfaces. But for Forever flex soft, the design is printed by a laser printer and it is self-weeding which means no weeding.

The forever flex soft sheet is very unique and one-of-a-kind as you only need to print one color for it to work well-black! You can transfer a myriad of single color designs by just getting black color printed. All you need is a monochromatic laser printer and you are sorted!

Let the Magic Begin!

Forever flex soft has a 2 step process which allows it to self weed. It has 2 sheets of paper- foil and paper. The foil is the special sheet on which your design will go on in the laser printer.

The paper is the adhesive coated sheet onto which the design is transferred after it has been printed. By pressing the foil and paper together by heat press, you merge both the foil and paper to create your final design which is ready to go on any garment!

With the laser cut designs already weeded, you can simply print a design, marry the 2 papers together and voila, you have some of the best designs ready to go. No headaches, no confusion, no fear of failure and the best part is quick, intricate designs in minutes!

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In order to get the best quality prints in either HTV or Forever Flex Soft, you need to have a good quality printer which is where we come in. providing the best quality sign making tools, we take pride in being the best, most affordable!