Marketing has become a very important aspect of any business and a huge chunk of the capital is spent on it. In today’s cut throat competitive global market, one needs to think big in order to go big. If you are not omnipresent then people will not forget you after a while and move on to the next thing.

You have to be in-the-face so that potential prospects know what you are all about, what your business module is and why they should be interested in you. Large format printing has emerged as a key tool for this purpose and is being widely used by all sizes of businesses for advertising and campaigning of their products and services. Large format printing is something very useful and powerful, having the ability to change the perspective of the customer about the brand.

Some of the most impactful, impressive and vividly attractive content is being produced in large format printing. With this method, the material that comes out looks absolutely professional, sophisticated, polished and very proficient which is exactly what a brand’s advertisement should look like.

Humans are designed to remember things that they see rather than what they hear so if an image gets stuck in a potential customer’s mind then nothing can make a more powerful impact. With such an amazing and effective marketing tool in hand, these are super exciting times for businesses to grow and become global!

If you have a marketing plan sorted out and you are craving to put it in action then large format printing must be involved in your scheme of things. In this article, I will be telling you 5 things you need to know about large format printing and large format printer parts that will take your business to the next level.

What is Large Format Printing?

Before knowing all about large format printing let me give you a brief summary of what exactly we are talking about here. It is basically a printing type that prints large print materials, which if printed in a normal way will have zero impact or significance. Their true beauty pops up when they become larger than life images.

There are special printers or plotters using large format printer parts to print out these images. Not only do these printers churn out vivid images in refined quality, they can also print on any surface like wood, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl, fabric and many more materials.

5 Things To Know About Large Format Printing

1.Large Format Printing Process

Large format printers are much like the digital printers that have a quick printing process with the ability to produce high-quality images and pictures in record time. The first step is to select the material that you want the image to come out on, like printable heat transfer vinyl. The ink will fill in the image and the dimensions with a rapid drying process using UV lights so that the image is set quickly without any problem.

2.Types of Printers Used for Large Format Printing

There are basically two types of printers used in large format printing- flatbed and roll-to-roll printers and sometimes a combination of both is also used. The flatbed printer is ideal for unconventional and a bit tricky surfaces like wood, glass, metal, plastics, foamcore, sintra, gatorboard or other rigid materials.

The rigid material is propelled by suction on the flatbed of the printer where the image is then printed on it for a proper consistent image. On the other hand, the roll-to-roll printer generally accommodates more flexible materials like printable heat transfer vinyl, paper, banners, canvas, sheets, fabric and other flexible materials. The material is rolled and loaded from one side of the printer and it comes out from the other side with the image printed on it.

This kind of printer is ideal for long runs in quick time. Lastly the hybrid or combination printers are able to print both rigid and flexible surfaces they have dual printing capabilities, which means less costs and less space needed.

3.The Diversity of Materials You can Create with Large Format Printing

One of the top reasons why so many people are interested in large format printing is its versatility and the ability to accommodate so many diverse outcomes. You can get your banners, posters, billboards, wall-to-floor graphics, backdrops, maps, retail displays, floor decals, vehicle wraps, window clings, signs and so much more printed with large format printing.

When all your different marketing and advertising campaigns look similar and in superb quality, people will not only remember them well but it will also become a symbol of your brand that people will resonate with.

4.Uncountable Benefits of Large Format Printing

When it comes to the advantage of large format printing it is hard to start from one point as its benefits are as diverse as its images. First and the foremost advantage according to me is that it allows you to think big, make your business big and see it in a new light. I mean you can literally wrap an entire skyscraper in your brand’s tagline or logo!

The next benefit is conceived with its flexibility to print on any surface you can think of, which means you can have an omnipresent and consistent marketing of your brand everywhere. This also means you can market your products anywhere without any issues. Another top benefit is that it allows you to think out of the box, now that you know everything is possible, you will be pushed to extend your creative boundaries.

5.Hire An Expert to Do the Job

As much as you want to get yourself a large format printer, we recommend that you always hire experts to do this job. If you want to have crisp, vivid and beautiful images of your brand to come out each time we recommend the pros to do the job rather than you doing it yourself.

Last Lines

In order to get the best large format printing results, opt for high resolution files, choose simpler fonts which are bold so that they can be read from far away and always choose the right colors for the background and foreground.